Consistency, Thou Art A Jewel

“Consistency over intensity” is a mantra worth writing down. Whether you’re pursuing personal development, fulfilling your soul’s mission, or any other goal, the key is unwavering perseverance. Remember, it’s the tortoise that wins the race, not the hare. In the words of the wise, “O consistency, thou art a jewel.” This gem reminds us that slow and steady progress is the most reliable path to success. When you choose a consistent, long-term approach over quick fixes and intensity, your odds of achieving your goals are significantly higher. Embrace the power of steady, unyielding determination as you journey towards your dreams.

It is fascinating to admit that a tortoise moving slowly in the right direction wins. In an interview with CNBC, Alex Trias, a retired tax attorney, said that his simple consistent plans were the reason he was able to meet his net worth goals and retire at the age of 41. Alex Trias’ story demonstrates the importance of consistency in financial planning. His ability to retire at 41 was not due to large, high-risk investments or waiting for the perfect stock market moment. It was instead founded on his unwavering consistency in saving and investing, regardless of economic uncertainty or market fluctuations.

Like Alex Trias, you need to understand that the real magic is in steady, persistent effort. Trias’ story mirrors Proverbs 13:11 (NIV) “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” Teachings rooted in the biblical tradition always encourage us to build consistent positive habits. Especially the habits of thanksgiving, prayer, study and meditation. In the pursuit of your dreams, remember that Alex’s approach, founded on consistent habits, is the key to enduring success. Keep the torch of consistency burning, and you’ll find your way to massive success.

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