Business As A Realm Of God’s Work

A Christian with a business mindset comprehends the world through a unique lens, possessing the necessary skills to flourish. This often challenges the notion that serving God implies running a nonprofit. An unwritten law that says people who claim to be devoted to God should stay away from business and commerce. However, history reveals a different narrative. Jesus, the ultimate example of purpose-driven living, didn’t exclusively recruit from religious circles. His inner circle of disciples included individuals from the marketplace. Fishermen and tax collectors found their place among His chosen, not temple workers or priests. They were ordinary people, engaged in everyday business pursuits.

In this approach, we see a fusion of spirituality and the secular, emphasizing the idea that business, when conducted with ethical principles and an unwavering commitment to faith, is a powerful medium for spreading the goodness of God. Mary Kay Ash, began her cosmetics business in 1963. She was a devout Christian who saw a lack of female opportunities in the corporate world, where she had spent many years working. Her faith and strong business acumen led her to found a company that helped women become entrepreneurs. God’s work is not restricted to the confines of a church or the realm of charity.

The marketplace, where transactions and innovations drive society, becomes an arena where faith can shine. Thus, for a business-minded Christian, every meeting, negotiation, and innovation is an opportunity to express God’s principles, reflecting His grace in their decisions, fostering fair and ethical practices. This is the key to serving as the salt and light of your world. You cannot keep an effective watch over your world if you ignore the business space. Just as Jesus called the individuals of His time, today’s business leaders can embrace their spiritual calling within the bustling corridors of commerce, building an example of faith-driven success, transforming ordinary business into extraordinary testimony.

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