Lessons In Humility From The Fall Of King Josiah

A revered figure in the biblical narrative, King Josiah, serves as a compelling example of how unchecked ego can lead to downfall and tragedy. King Josiah was praised for his religious reforms, devotion to the Lord, and determination to rid the land of idolatry. His ego, which was initially fueled by a sense of righteousness, grew as he witnessed the public’s admiration and praise. The seeds of his eventual demise were sown at this point. His belief that he was the chosen of the Lord clouded his judgment, causing him to entangle himself in a matter that was none of his business.

In 2 Chronicles 35, we witness Josiah’s ill-fated decision to confront Egypt in battle. The Egyptian King insisted that he was on a mission for God and had nothing to do with Josiah. King Josiah must have felt invincible; beloved by God and the people, who dares to invoke the name of the Lord elsewhere? Josiah was so certain of his understanding of God’s will that he never enquired of the Lord, to investigate the Egyptian King’s claim. Josiah was righteous, but his inflated ego killed him. Maybe you’ll realize you’re not the only righteous person on the planet doing the Lord’s will?

King Josiah represents the overly righteous Christian who believes they are higher than the world and refuses to lead with humility every day. King Josiah is the gifted pastor who is so full of himself that he wants to be God’s unchallenged, undisputed deputy on earth. As you watch the world, the story of King Josiah serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of ego. It should teach you the value of humility, the importance of listening to wise counsel, and the dangers of thinking of yourself more highly than you ought (Romans 12:3).

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