Leading And Thriving In A Complicated World

The world is a complicated place, and you must learn to deal with all of its complexities. Our Lord Jesus expects you to be the salt and light of your community. You cannot achieve this if you are not present in the world. Corruption is a major source of concern. You do not want to lose your salvation or spiritual standing as a result of your interactions with the world. This is where the power of your religion comes into play. According to the Apostle James, a good religion should equip you to keep yourself undefiled by the world (James 1: 27).

Psalm 115:16 reminds us that the Lord owns the heavens, but he has given us the earth. You must not allow some unscrupulous elements to intimidate you into giving up your rights. You must learn how to operate as a sheep in the midst of wolves, becoming wiser than the serpents in the way of the world, while maintaining your innocence and purity (Matthew 10:16). You do not have the master’s permission to withdraw from society. If you refuse to engage with the world and steer it towards God’s will, the world will devolve into chaos and confusion.

We need people like Gideon that will confront the false gods and ideologies of their generation and pull it down. People who will raise an army of righteousness, mercy and justice to push back against the corruption and moral decay in the world around them. We need strong people like Daniel who understand the world system well enough to advance while maintaining their godly values. People who have hidden God’s word within their hearts so that they do not commit sin against the Lord. You are not to withdraw from your world, allowing the lawless sons of Belial free reign. Today, take a stand for Jesus!

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