Unleashing Your Christian Potential Via Business Building

If you want to solve problems in a consistent, sustainable, and scalable manner. And if you want to provide leadership in your community while upholding biblical principles in your society, you should start a business or collaborate with like-minded people to build one. A business is not about mindless profit or unjust gains through shady practices. Building a business is, at its best, a journey of self-discovery, problem-solving, and, ultimately, service to the world. It is time to confront the rent seeking mindset and replace it with a mindset that understands problem-solving and value creation. One major reason why “kingdom expansion” is not moving as quickly as it should is a lack of enterprising Christians.

Many Christians still believe that running a business is an unholy endeavour. They believe that starting a business is both unchristian and uncharitable. But in reality, every spiritual assignment requires significant physical resources for it to find expression. God ensured that the children of Israel did not leave Egypt empty-handed. They had great wealth, a kind of salary for the over 400 years slavery. If you scoff at building a business, and using it as a vehicle to serve your generation, how then do you intend to fund your vision?

Building a business is the best way to fund your vision and mature into a better leader. A genuine Christian that has served in business and industry will outperform a genuine Christian that has never functioned outside the church. Business leaders make better leaders in church and ministry because they understand what it takes to get results and grow something assigned to them. The master called his servants in the parable of talents and charged them to “do business” with the talents handed them. The world doesn’t need more religious stewards that lack the capacity to deliver. Your community needs more purpose-driven, problem-solving, value-creating entrepreneurs who can make a difference.

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