Do Not Sleep As Others Do

As we watch the world, we must recognise the importance of avoiding “sleep.” Accepting a call to watch over your world, and steer it in accordance with God’s will necessitates unwavering vigilance. Just as the Apostle Paul admonished the Thessalonians, we can not sleep, as others do (1 Thessalonians 5:1-8). We are tasked with keeping our eyes wide open, for the world’s narrative unfolds with unforeseeable twists. Our calling is different; we are children of light, of the day, and we must resist the darkness of indifference. You must give due diligence to matters of your watch. Allow it to take over your thoughts.

To understand the significance of our watch duties, consider the case of the neglected watchmen. In ancient times, cities relied on watchmen to safeguard their inhabitants. These vigilant individuals patrolled the walls, ever watchful for approaching threats. However, some grew complacent, dozing off when they should have been alert. Such negligence had dire consequences; invaders seized the opportunity, wreaking havoc on unguarded cities. We, as modern watchmen, must learn from this history. The world depends on our watchfulness to protect the values, righteousness, mercy and justice we hold dear. If you fail to set a watch, things will go bad.

There is no place for slumber in this turbulent world. Our mission is to stay awake, stay sober, and put on the armour of faith, love, and hope. We are the keepers of our time and society, responsible for recognising the signs and seasons. We are to shine as beacons of vigilance as others stumble through the night. Stay alert, keep vigil, and remember that the job of a watcher is never done. Our unwavering watchfulness will one day mean the difference between chaos and order, darkness and light. So, become the watchman your family and community require, and do your job diligently.

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