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It is not enough to be zealous and passionate about carrying out the works of the one who sent Jesus. “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes,” says Proverbs 19:2 (NLT). It is a good strategy to avoid the kind of haste that gives you a sense of purpose and direction only to fail due to ignorance and inexperience. As a result, we recognise that the first step is to accept the knowledge, training, discipline, and work ethic required for greatness. Seek out people, places, and institutions that will push you to be the best version of yourself possible. Then you’re ready to get to work.

The Bible is definitive about the work ethic and excellence required for meaningful work. According to Proverbs 10:4, “a slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” You cannot continue to live a lazy person lifestyle, avoiding intellectual labour and avoiding work while expecting above-average results. The Bible says “cursed is he who does the work of the LORD with slackness.” We often overlook the fact that the majority of the Biblical heroes from whom we draw inspiration were well educated and hardworking for their time. Your desire for learning plays a significant role in determining the type of work you can do for God.

Apostle Paul was well educated, having been trained by Gamaliel, a doctor of the law. This education and training is evident in the way his epistles were structured, and the way he argued in favour of the gospel. George Washington Carver, born into slavery, transformed agriculture in the American South by developing hundreds of products from crops like peanuts and soybeans. His education, including degrees in agricultural science, empowered his creativity. There are thousands of God missions available to influence culture, business, the economy, and governance. You must prepare by pursuing a high-quality education. Prepare your soul for your generation’s important works.

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