Understanding How Economic Influence Works

There is a version of the golden rule you need to understand: “whoever has the gold, makes the rules”. You will need to wield economic power. In the grand canvas of shaping culture and society, economic power is like the brush and colors that paint the picture. To fulfill your divine calling of creating a world that reflects heavenly values, it’s crucial to understand how economic influence works. Money, in the right hands and guided by righteous principles, can be a potent force for good. Yet, it’s not just about the accumulation of wealth but the wise and compassionate use of it.

Consider the remarkable case of Andrew Carnegie, a titan of industry in the late 19th century. While amassing immense wealth through his steel empire, Carnegie recognized the weight of responsibility that came with his riches. He believed in the Gospel of Wealth, a concept that the rich had a moral obligation to use their wealth for the betterment of society. His philanthropic endeavors, such as funding libraries and educational institutions, continue to impact communities positively to this day. Carnegie’s life teaches us that economic power can be a catalyst for transformative change when driven by a sense of duty to uplift others.

So, as you navigate the modern world, keep in mind that economic power, when wielded with the fear of the Lord, can be a powerful tool for shaping a better world. Let it not be merely a quest for wealth, but rather a journey to enforce righteousness, mercy, and justice in your world. You need to understand that whoever controls the economy, controls the society. The people that have the gold, pretty much dictate how the world operates. Recognise that your world is influenced by various economic interests. You will not have much success unless your mission is supported by an economic force.

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