Rigid On The Mission, Flexible With The Platforms

Do not compromise on your values and mission. You have to seek a crystal clear picture of how your work could make a difference in your community. This is not necessarily about starting a new business, ministry or nonprofit. It is about understanding the deeper purpose of your work. And how it facilitates a spiritual mission. As you continue with your work, you will realize that the best approach is to remain focused on your mission while being flexible in your approach. There will be a variety of ways to go about it.

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, Netflix has evolved from dealing in DVDs to becoming a premier streaming service. But if we take a higher perspective, we’ll realize that their mission remains unchanged. Similarly, the Christian ministry has experienced a surge on social media, YouTube, and online platforms. The medium may vary, from physical buildings to apps or virtual reality environments, but the mission remains the same. It’s about serving the sacred mission and reaching people with the message, adapting to the tools available to spread the Gospel in the digital age.

A car dealer must recognise that they are in the transportation business, moving people from one location to another. If cars go the way of the typewriter in the future, it will be the car dealers who adapt to newer technologies who will survive. A mission can never die, it can only evolve with the times. You should step back from your job and try to articulate your mission. Consider “what” you are doing and “why” you are doing it; this is the foundation of your mission. Your current job is simply “how” you’re carrying out your mission for the time being.

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