Creativity And Spiritual Gifts Still Require Worldly Cooperation

It is critical to understand that you will have to seek out ways to express your creativity and spiritual gifts in the real world. Your gift comes from somewhere beyond space and time. But now you must manifest it in this world plagued with lust and corruption. There will be no perfect world worthy of your gift. There will never be an ideal location or time for you to reveal your talent. You must learn to understand people and the world around you. That is the key to manifesting your destiny. It is your responsibility to reconcile spiritual possibilities and physical realities.

Certain types of Christians exhibit a great deal of arrogance. They have a heightened sense of spiritual gift, and as a result, they want to stamp and superimpose whatever is in their spirit over the world, with no regard for the established order of things. This is foolishness and it does not yield results. First and foremost, you must recognise that you share the world with other people. People from various cultures and beliefs. Second, you must understand that no matter how spiritually gifted and anointed you are, people must accept you in that office.

God instructed Samuel to anoint David as King, but he didn’t ascend the throne until the people accepted his kingship over them. Jesus, the Son of God could not do any mighty works in his hometown because they didn’t receive him as a messenger of God (Mark 6:1-6). Luke 2:52 says, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” To succeed in your spiritual mission, you will need favor from people. You will need human beings to cooperate with you. You have to understand the ways of the world before you can change it.

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