Beyond The Titles, You Have To Put In The Work

Ecclesiastes 10:11 (NLT) paints a vivid picture of futility, “If a snake bites before you charm it, what’s the use of being a snake charmer?” Similarly, what good is a well-crafted mission statement if our daily lives lack potency and fail to make a visible difference? If the enemy continues to wreak havoc in our communities, what good are we as individuals equipped by God to trample upon serpents and scorpions? You must stop being the salt and light of your world exclusively through your eloquent speeches. Your results should be able to speak for themselves.

The problem lies in our love for the prestige, status, and polish that come with certain offices without taking responsibility for them. We must not only hold titles but also be ready to put in the work. What good is being a job creator if no new jobs are created for months? Why were you anointed to teach family values if you lock the best content behind unaffordable paywalls? Why are the serpent’s musicians reaching more people than those anointed by the Lord? If the sons of the serpent outwork the sons of God, our world will descend into chaos.

Let us not desire positions we are ill-prepared to handle. 1 Timothy 3 outlines the expectations of spiritual offices. We must equip ourselves for the roles and responsibilities we aspire to. As we step into these positions, let us discharge our duties with the fear of the Lord as our guiding principle, ensuring that our actions align with our mission and purpose. Do not be the watchman that is not doing the work. Do not be a Bishop in title only. You must set aside time to consider and reflect on your work and the impact it is supposed to have. Stop the serpent from biting.

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