The Fallacy of “Nothing is Impossible”

The catchphrase “nothing is impossible” is widely used, despite the existence of clearly impossible feats. Throughout history, there have been endeavors that individuals have undertaken and ultimately failed to achieve any concrete outcome. In contemporary times, when people proclaim “nothing is impossible,” they often refer to tasks that are challenging to accomplish. Difficulty should not be confused with impossibility, as there are many things that lie beyond the comprehension of the human mind and truly fall into the realm of impossibility. Saying that nothing is impossible is a debasement of a far more powerful spiritual concept.

The catchphrase “nothing is impossible” is an oversimplification of a spiritual reality. Albert Einstein cautioned against the perils of oversimplification. He thought that everything should be simplified to the maximum extent without sacrificing its essential functionality. In the case of the fraction 20/80, we can simplify it to 2/8 and further reduce it to 1/4, while preserving its meaning. However, it would be incorrect to mistakenly simplify it as 14, as that would distort its intended representation. Likewise, saying that nothing is impossible for a man limited to his thinking faculties is a mistake.

If you want to take advantage of all of your possibilities. If you want to do things that are truly impossible (rather than just difficult), you must understand that God works in your spirit to make the impossible possible. You have to understand that all things are possible to the person who believes in God. Jesus said, “with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”(Matthew 19:26). Anybody operating outside God will find things difficult, and encounter impossibilities. There is a divine intelligence available by the Spirit. We need that intelligence to do things that are truly impossible. There is no other way.

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