Deciding On Your Timeline For Life And Success

It is crucial to address an important question early in life: when do you want to die? By establishing a timeline for yourself, you gain the advantage of effective planning and a clear understanding of your limits. For instance, if you believe you can live up to 120 years, you will be motivated to invest ample time in education, discipline, and apprenticeship with an experienced master. Even if the process takes up ten years, you are assured that you still have many decades of work and impact ahead of you.

If you continue to operate as though you have to get it right within six months or less, it is difficult to commit to long-term growth programmes. Elisha patiently served under Elijah for many years before becoming a prophet in his own right. In Acts 22:3 Apostle Paul explained that he learned under Gamaliel, a well respected doctor of the law. You must devote as much time as necessary to obtaining all of the necessary education, discipline, and training to achieve the desired results. If history shows that something takes fifty years to complete, it would be naive to believe it can be completed in five years.

The sooner you quietly consider your own mortality, the better. The question “When do you want to die?” is crucial. It demonstrates that you have the time to complete important tasks. You must rid your mind of the religious notion that no one knows what will happen tomorrow. God knows what will happen tomorrow, and we have the mind of Christ. That settles it. Psalm 91:16 (ESV) says, “With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” So, if you won’t be content with a premature death at 70. Build your faith and confidence in God’s ability to satisfy you with a long life.

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