The Understanding And Commitment To Long Term Growth

Over time, you will mature into the person capable of carrying out your mission. It is important to recognise that your current level of growth and development may not be sufficient for the big things you want to accomplish. So, while you may not be the person you once were, you are still not the person you need to be. This is understandably aggravating. However, you must trust and adhere to the process. Everything must be done step by step. No shortcuts. The quickest way to achieve your goals is to do things properly. You must make a long-term commitment to developing into the person you need to be.

You should learn to observe how people grew and evolved into the type of person capable of accomplishing the great and mighty things they did. All we have at birth is the potential to become something. Now is the time to commit to long-term growth. You need time to develop the spiritual capacity, strength, and stamina required for your mission. You will need time to obtain the necessary education for the things you want to do. And, because no one succeeds alone, you will need time to cultivate important relationships. None of this happens overnight. It could easily consume a decade or more of your life.

Five years ago, you were supposed to enroll in a three-year training programme. You couldn’t justify the time commitment. You turned it down. You chose the less time-consuming option. It’s now been five years, and you know deep down that you made a mistake. You’re right back where you were five years ago. There is still insufficient stamina, skill, or knowledge to complete any significant projects. Do some research on the most influential people in your world’s culture, religion, economy, and governance. You will notice that becoming someone who can make a difference takes many years, if not decades.

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