Influence The Beliefs And Thinking Of Your World

A true watchman should keep an eye on the prevalent religious beliefs in their community. The state of your world reflects the beliefs of its inhabitants. And the core values they uphold. From thoughts come actions. Thoughts are shaped by our beliefs and religious identities. Therefore, it is impossible for you to say that your goal is to lead us to a better future while disregarding what people are thinking. And the religious beliefs that are responsible for thinking that way. There is no long lasting change without a change in beliefs and thought.

A look at religious trends is interesting. A 2019 report by the Pew Research Center reported that Nigeria, which has the sixth-largest Christian population in the world (87 million), also has the world’s fifth-largest Muslim population (90 million). They project that by 2060, Nigeria will be home to 174 million Christians (37.2% of the projected population for 2060). While some 283 million Nigerians will identify as Muslims (60.5% of the projected population for 2060). This is really fascinating. The future’s not set in stone, so it is only a projection. However, it provides a clear picture of what is possible.

A person’s religious leaning or lack of religion is central to their self-identity. You must stop being indifferent to people’s religious beliefs. This does not imply forcing your religious beliefs on others. And, regardless of the circumstances, violence should never be used to advance religion. You simply state the truth that you know, live it every day, and let others form their own opinions. This is not even about Christianity versus Buddhism or Judaism. There are a lot of vile and evil Christian cults out there. It is about promoting a productive religion that glorifies God.

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