Your Religion and Your Economy

The state of your personal economy is a reflection of your beliefs. The economic state of your world is a reflection of the dominant religious beliefs of your world. The economy is a reflection of the productivity of a people. However, religious beliefs of the people play a significant role in determining the types of jobs they hold. And how hard they are prepared to work. Religion has an impact on how productive people can be. This in turn reflects in the economy. Remember that “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”. (Proverbs 14:34 ESV)

It is critical that you understand the connection between religious beliefs and productivity. Certain religious beliefs promote high levels of creativity and productivity. Israel has been dubbed the “Startup Nation” due to its high concentration of startups and tech companies. The country’s religious nature has played a role in its success as a startup hub. Many Israelis are deeply religious. Having a strong sense of community and social responsibility. This has led to the development of a unique business culture. A culture that values collaboration and teamwork over individual achievement. Their culture of education, innovation and entrepreneurship are shaped by their religious beliefs.

In the Book of Genesis, God blessed mankind and declared that we would be fruitful. Any religion that does not empower people to operate at their creative, and productive best is not consistent with the nature of God. If an entity like Nigeria, which claims to be religious, is struggling economically, it is an indication that the religion practiced there is perverted. A society in which there is no sense of righteousness or justice. Everyone is doing whatever they think is right in their own eyes as long as money is made. This is the source of poverty across African nations.

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