Do Not Hustle For Status and Accolades

TIME Magazine has published its list of the 100 Most Influential People of 2023. The industrial titan, Elon Musk, footballer Kylian Mbappé, recording artist Doja Cat, CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger, technologist Sam Altman, and actor Michael B. Jordan are among those on the list. There are four Africans on the list, including the brilliant Dr. Dimie Ogoina. Being included on such a list is exciting. A true salt and light of the world, however, should never be inspired by such rankings and accolades. Your fulfilment should come from an understanding that you are in the centre of the will of God for your life.

Any pursuit of awards, rankings, accolades, or status is a waste of time. The Time 100 list may appear prestigious and inspirational, but keep in mind that it is not ranked on ethics or even positive influence. The list has featured people like Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram, and Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Convicted criminals, terrorist organisations, and corrupt politicians are all frequently included on such lists. Obinwanne Okeke (Invictus), Elizabeth Holmes, and Sam Bankman-Fried all garnered accolades. Only for things to turn ugly with the passage of time. Obinwanne is currently incarcerated. Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced in 2022. Making the Time 100 or similar lists should not be your ultimate goal.

Our Lord Jesus does not want us to seek out places of honour for ourselves. He wants you to humble yourself, and let God exalt you (Luke 14:7-11). The revered preacher, Olusola Areogun once said, “the future does not belong to the person doing it fast, but to the person doing it right.” Doing the right thing has to be more important to you than any award or recognition. Be proud of your verifiable results, no matter how small. Concentrate on increasing your productivity and good works. Ignore the noise.

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