Choose A Religion That Expands Your Vision

Some argue that religion is preventing Africans from reaching their full potential. However, research has shown that this is not a valid concern. Some of the greatest civilisations, empires and countries have had religious affiliations. The greatest people of all time have had religious affiliations. Religious people have come up with some of the most brilliant ideas that have redefined mankind. To name a few, Christians pioneered accounting, modern genetics, and even the big bang theory. Most scholars believe King Solomon of the Bible is the richest man of all time. So, whatever your goals are, they can be met within the framework of sound Christian religion.

Your religion is your primary point of view (POV) through which you navigate life. The Bible says, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Your thoughts create who you are. Your beliefs shape the way you think. And your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, shape your worldview. Benjamin Franklin (one of the USA’s founding fathers), warned the irreligious Thomas Paine, “If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it?” You need a religion. A good religion will shape your vision, provide you with an ethical framework, and promote discipline.

If you cannot see a pathway from where you are to where you want to be. You could be trapped in the wrong religion. Do not settle under any religious leader or institution that is making you mediocre. You can achieve great things while remaining religious. You must commit to a religion that provides you with the discipline, knowledge, and mindset to accomplish something meaningful. Reject nonsense and mediocrity in religion. This has no grounding in the sacred writings of the Holy Bible. They are the twisted imaginations of charlatans posing as religious leaders. Think and meditate on these things. Prayerfully discern if you need to make changes.

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