Overcoming Collective Poverty Through Hand-ups, not Handouts

Some people have an unhealthy dependence on handouts. They want free money, food, cars, and large houses from the government, church or neighbourhood millionaire. This is not the same as asking for a hand up. A hand up is assistance in increasing your productivity. A handout is money given to you in order for you to party. A hand up is a small loan to help you start your own business. You must reject the mindset of expecting others to give you things. While refusing to accept the knowledge and discipline required to create wealth.

It becomes much more problematic when a government embodies a handout mindset. Giving handouts to people is not a sustainable business model. Several news outlets reported in early April 2023 that the Federal Government of Nigeria had obtained a $800 million loan from the World Bank in order to give handouts to 50 million Nigerians. This has received a great deal of criticism. Assuming that half of the funds are not lost due to systemic corruption and wickedness. Each recipient will receive $16. $16 will not lift any of the 50 million people out of poverty. A World Bank loan-funded handout cannot lift people out of poverty.

The Bible instructs us to care for the poor. However, the Bible also makes it clear that anyone who is unwilling to work should not eat. Every society requires a balance of freeloaders and those who work hard to support everyone. The community cannot progress when there are more takers than givers. You must make it a principle to never borrow to eat. Never borrow for anything that is not directly related to increasing your productivity. Handouts will not improve your situation. You require a hand up. When you are well established, then give a hand up to others as well.

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