Overcoming Collective Poverty through Productivity

While it is a good practice to worry about nothing, and pray about everything. You must understand that whatever you pray about will necessitate some physical activity on your part. Praying against poverty and in favour of wealth creation is a good idea. However, keep in mind that without an increase in productivity, nothing will change. God blessed mankind, charging them to be fruitful. Productivity is the modern English word for “fruitfulness.” Unless you define and improve your fruitfulness. You can’t get out of poverty. National poverty is a reflection of collective unfruitfulness.

Some years ago, a Nigerian Presidential aspirant ran a campaign with the slogan, “Let us get Nigeria working again.” The big question is this: do Nigerians really want their country to work? A country where most people’s livelihood is dependent on something broken with the system. While other countries plan to shift from lower-productivity areas such as agriculture and low-tech manufacturing to higher-productivity areas such as food processing, finance, and high-tech manufacturing. Too many West Africans are content to make deals and line their own pockets rather than seek higher productivity for all.

Wealth creation and prosperity is not about an unexplainable multiplication of gold and silver. Wealth creation is the process of developing a higher level of productivity that results in abundance. You should be obsessed with finding new ways to advance in your work and calling. The Bible is clear about the relationship between work and reward. Anyone who refuses to work should not eat. This is not a curse. Understand that a pastor who preaches two to three times a week, spends hours in prayer and study, and offers counselling sessions is working. The effective pastor labours. Hard work is involved. We must be ready to prayerfully work for the future we want.

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