Empowered For An Important Mission

What about taking a hint from the inspired words of Prophet Jeremiah? “Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms” (Jeremiah 51:20 KJV) The big idea here is that God has empowered you for impact on a nationwide scale. This passage demonstrates how God can use people to have a national impact. He can use you to effect significant changes in your country. When we come to God with our cap in hand, ready to serve. We must remember the scale and scope of what is possible.

Jesus Christ commanded that you serve as the salt of the earth. That you illuminate your world. Jeremiah emphasises that you have the potential to be God’s battle axe, a weapon of war. These descriptions have a sense of scale to them. These words are intended to convey a sense of importance. God has already empowered you for something greater than yourself. However, you are not taking your work seriously. You are not doing enough work to make a nationwide impact. Your assignment’s scope has been reduced. Your spiritual mission has been reduced to a hobby.

You are clearly unaware of your own potential. You enjoy whining about how bad things are in your world. Yet, you refuse to embrace your positive mission and ensure that you expand your reach. You must shift your focus away from survival. Your gifts are not for your personal entertainment. Be concerned with becoming the person who steers their world in the direction that God desires. How many people do you need to reach in order to have an impact on the world? How much effort would it take to make a difference in your country?

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