Pay Attention To The Physical Dimension Of Your Mission

You can and will achieve your goals. However, you must understand the physical laws that govern success. Even though the spiritual is higher than the physical, and the spiritual helps drive the physical. You must also understand that without the necessary knowledge and structure, nothing spiritual will manifest in the physical. So, it is not enough to fast and pray about the things you want to do. You must think about it carefully. Be certain that you are implementing the physical requirements of your mission. You will fail if your approach to the physical side of your work is not in agreement with your spiritual ambitions.

Many people fantasize about growing their mission to the point where they can serve millions of people. They want to create businesses that sell millions of their own products every day. They lack the necessary mentality and discipline to do so, however. You can’t reach a thousand people if your setup only reaches a few dozens. There is no way you can make a million from a company that can only deliver a hundred thousand. When you separate physical realities from spiritual possibilities, you will eventually become frustrated.

A great vision will demand a multitude of physical activities. Investigate and understand how visions work. A spiritual vision with divine support will transform physical circumstances into ones that are more conducive to manifestation. Over time, you will manifest the physical platforms and institutions. The principle can be seen in David’s transformation. He grew from a shepherd boy to a powerful king. Therefore, as a visionary leader, you must constantly evolve. Prepared to learn, unlearn, and relearn new things. Until the physical structures that can express the vision from heaven are developed.

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