Serving Others Through Your God-Given Creativity

If it does not occur naturally, then it was created by a human being. Electric power plants, distribution systems, the Internet, smartphones, comfortable clothing, and paper and ink were all invented. Devised for the benefit of humanity, and the glory of God. God is glorified when you exercise your God-given creativity to create value in the global marketplace. The ultimate goal of all spirituality and creativity is to add value to the world. When you solve problems, you add value. When you help others improve and become more productive, you create value.

You should always be aware of your responsibility to keep a watch wherever you are. You must be the salt and light of your world. As you look for solutions to the issues affecting your world, you are carrying out this duty. One of your top goals must be to increase other people’s productivity. It is the things you create that will solve problems and enhance productivity. This assignment is not restricted to any particular person or nation or race. Any follower of Jesus can accept the assignment to serve as the salt and light of the world.

God has thoughts on hunger, poverty, illiteracy, a lack of purpose, and many other issues. Will you use your spiritual and creative abilities to add value? Say some prayers along this line. Secondly, give careful thought to how you may use the creativity that God has given you to add value to the market. Your spiritual gift should be used to help others in the community by providing solutions to their problems. Everything good in your world began as an idea in God’s mind. It came from God’s mind and found its way into a human mind that is tuned to God (1 Corinthians 2: 9 – 12).

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