Lessons From China’s Emergence As A Technology Superpower

According to a new report, the United States and other Western countries are losing the race with China to develop advanced technologies and retain talent, with Beijing potentially establishing a monopoly in some areas. China leads in 37 of 44 technologies tracked by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute over the course of a year. Electric batteries, hypersonics, and advanced radio-frequency communications such as 5G and 6G are among the fields. The implication of this is that we may be on the verge of a world dominated by Chinese technology.

American ideas and technologies dominated the twentieth century. Ideas that originated in America spread throughout the world. The majority of the technologies that underpin our civilisation are entirely American. Such as the Internet, smartphones, and the world’s largest technology companies. It’s all American. However, this is changing. China has built the foundations to position itself as the world’s leading science and technology superpower. China’s lead is the product of deliberate design and long-term policy planning. Other countries and regions around the world can learn from China’s accomplishment. There is no one group of people who has a monopoly on the best ideas.

The world is changing. It is up to you to ensure that your community is not left behind. God created us and charged us to be fruitful (productive). Science and technology allow us to increase our productivity exponentially. Today’s most productive individuals and nations are also technologically advanced. As the world moves away from the industrial era and towards a knowledge-based economy. It is critical for each country to develop its own technology. There are technological marvels that can only originate from Senegal for example. Ideas don’t come from abroad, they come from God. You should realize that you don’t have to fall behind other countries in terms of technology. You can create your own.

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