Focus On Your Good Works

Rather than seeking money or status, you should strive to create wealth. Your wealth is the result of the accumulation of your good works (aka productivity). When you conflate productivity with making money or achieving status, you get off track. You have a tendency to stop being fruitful. You will stop to produce useful, meaningful results. Chasing money will reprogram your mind to accept compromise and mediocrity. And if achieving a certain social status is your ultimate goal, your mission will suffer. The goal is not to make money or attain a status. The goal is to perform the good works God created you for. Riches, honor and glory are byproducts of good works.

Many people see life as a status game. They have no desire to do anything. The goal of obtaining a PhD is to equip the mind to create new knowledge. Such critical knowledge is essential for the advancement of civilisation. However, there is an issue when people regard a PhD as nothing more than a status symbol. Many pay undisclosed sums to some backwater university in order to receive an honorary doctorate. They receive a “PhD” (the status) without having to study, research or do any form of original thinking (good works).

Do not desire the glamor, honor, and respect that come with the status. Without the responsibilities and work ethic that come with such a status. Do not marry for social status. Marry for the sake of companionship. Get an education because you will need it to succeed. Do not pursue a degree for the sake of status. Obtaining a PhD will not do for you what simple confidence in your abilities will. You must be confident that your productivity and results will support your case in any debate. Get to work on the tasks assigned to you by your heavenly Father. Everything else will fall into place.

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