On Technology for Emotional and Spiritual Well-being

Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. This is a positive development. Technology provides practical benefits by assisting us in increasing our productivity. But you must learn to draw a line. Relying on tech for emotional and spiritual fulfillment could be dangerous. In today’s world, where traditional institutions seem to be losing their relevance. People are turning to technology. They want technology to solve all of their problems, including those that can only be solved through building quality relationships with others. Or matters that are best approached from a moral or religious angle.

It might be easier for you to believe in machines, than to believe in an higher power. Technology is something that seems logical and explainable. Faith in God seems to defy logic. It cannot be completely explained. People put faith in technology and AI by trusting algorithms to make important decisions and recommendations. Your trust in science and technology is fueled by a deep longing. A longing for a sense of order and control in an uncertain world. But this longing is best satisfied with faith in God. Science and technology does a good job in helping us understand our world. But it cannot replace the need for morals, ethics and religion.

Technology and AI systems can never answer the deeper questions of life. It cannot help you find meaning and purpose. It cannot stimulate or replace the need for relationships. Technologies are created by humans and are subject to human error and bias. They can malfunction and can be manipulated. In contrast, belief in God assures us that there is a higher power that is in control. We can rely on God for guidance and support. Technology does not advance in isolation from the human condition. Rather, the values of the people working on the technology continue to shape it.

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