Finding God in the Machine

Humans have a (must be) genetic compulsion to believe in something. Throughout history, humans have relied on their faith in something to accomplish great things. Today’s world may appear to have abandoned belief in God, gods, or whatever. But, the need to believe in something has not gone away. People are looking for something. You’re on the lookout for something. You want to have an experience. A story, myth, or even technology that can help you in making sense of the world. And instill meaning and purpose in your heart. published an article titled: “People Thought an AI Was Brilliantly Analyzing Their Personalities, But It Was Actually Giving Out Feedback Randomly” in January 2023. The article discusses a recent study in which researchers used a fake “neurotech” system to trick participants into believing that the machine could accurately read their thoughts and attitudes. The participants were convinced that the machine knew them better than they knew themselves. Even though it was a fake system. They did not voice any suspicion about the machine’s mind-reading abilities throughout the study. The article suggests that this willingness to be categorized by a force outside of ourselves is concerning, and highlights the faith that people put in algorithms and machines.

It is concerning the extent to which people put their faith in technology and AI. And how easily they can be misled. While they continue to struggle to believe in something like the existence of God. Romans 1:25, talks about people that exchanged the truth about God for a lie. Moving on to worship and serve the creature (AI and tech) rather than the Creator. It is foolishness. You need to believe in something greater than yourself for your emotional and spiritual well-being. A belief in God provides a sense of purpose and meaning that technology and AI cannot provide.

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