How Knowledge and Skills Impact the Potential of New Technology

New technologies always seem like they will change everything and make our lives easier. And while this is true, you should realize that having access to new technology does not automatically make you proficient in using it. It would require knowledge, skill and training to maximize your usage of the tool. One example of this is the widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. While these technologies have greatly impacted the way we work, they have not eradicated the need for knowledge and skills. The same is true for any new technology, whether it be a piece of machinery or software.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge towards problem-solving. People who understand the knowledge and principles underlying the technology will benefit more from it. Those who only know how to use the tools will be limited in their abilities. General-purpose AI tools such as the popular ChatGPT will not eliminate the need for you to learn the principles that govern your line of work. Even with the same tools, an expert will accomplish far more than a novice. Technology has always been about the person wielding the tool. It is not about what you have to work with, but how you work with what you have.

So, more than ever before you have to develop your mind. That is how you will get to maximize the new, exciting tools available in your generation. The era of artificial intelligence (AI) will not be different from the previous industrial revolutions. AI tools are not shortcuts or magic wands. They will increase your productivity. They do, however, require the same level of commitment, hard work, and knowledge as anything else. Industries and jobs will change. Certain jobs will become obsolete. Yet, the underlying knowledge and principles that govern a productive society will not change. Technology is not making your work easier, it is changing the nature of your work.

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