Leveraging Technology to Advance Your Mission

Your ability to create with the technologies at your disposal is the key factor in today’s world. You must be able to take a long, thoughtful look at what the latest technologies are making possible. And consider how it helps you achieve more. The depth of your knowledge is not as important as what you’re doing with it. The focus now is on how you’re using your knowledge to change things for the better. Your values and your mission will manifest through any toolset you adopt. You want to be sure that you are not stuck in the past due to a bias against new technology.

When a new technology or medium is introduced, certain people, particularly churches, spend the next five years arguing that it is the devil’s box and that no one should ever touch it. Then after they realize they are wrong, they reverse course and finally do the needful. Which is to figure out how to use it to advance their mission. This inconsistent flip-flop stifles growth. It will punish you in today’s world. The proliferation of AI tools will empower a new generation of people to do more. It might even empower them to serve as the salt and light of their world. Don’t miss out on this shift.

You need to understand the meaning of technology. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge towards problem solving and value creation. Technology is built using science. Science is a more exact and disciplined form of knowledge. And God is the source of all knowledge. So, you see that all technology comes from God. You should have a plan to use technology in your work as you watch over your world. New technologies are changing the way we live, love, work and play. You should take responsibility for how it would shape your world. If you ignore technology, you lose. Your world will be shaped by ungodly people that embrace the new technologies.

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