Serving God Through the Application of Technology

If you want to solve the problems that are destroying your world, you must use technology. A true watchman never ignores technology. You must examine all of the technology available in your time and use it to advance your mission. It is unfortunate that Christians appear to be opposed to technology. Under the misguided belief of the devil being the god of technology. This is a false belief that is not supported by the Holy Bible or Christian tradition. It is a superstition fueled by fear. You cannot serve as the salt and light of your world if you ignore technology.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. The application of scientific knowledge towards solving problems and creating value. God, we know, is the source of all knowledge. So, you can see how technology cannot be opposed to God. God created the knowledge you’re using to build technology. Technology, like knowledge and everything else created by God, can be abused. This does not make technology a bad thing in itself. Its impact depends on the values of the person using it. Modern science has a long history of contributions made by Christians. Godly people in the Bible used technology. Moses worked with a technologist named Bezalel.

Keep these truths in mind: all knowledge, science, and technology come from God. These tools can be used by the wicked and greedy to destroy the world. However, you can use the same tools to make a difference. Social media platforms have been used to facilitate a wide range of criminal activities. On the other hand, they have also been used for good. You should define your mission. Make a list of the problems you want to solve. You will then be able to determine the technology requirements. Do not fight or oppose technology. It is a gift from God. You should use the best available knowledge and technology to advance your mission.

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