Grow in Knowledge Without Fear

You can grow in knowledge without fear. Just remember to retain God in your knowledge. A lot of Christians are afraid to seek knowledge. The mindset being that growing in knowledge would somehow strip God of his powers. The idea being that we do not need to know how things work. You ask God for something, and he makes it happen. But avoiding knowledge is not a biblical concept. The fear is unfounded. Apostle Peter admonishes you to add virtue and knowledge to your faith (2 Peter 1:5). You need knowledge to live a productive life.

A careful study of the Bible would reveal to you that our heroes of faith were also well educated. Consider colourful characters like Joseph in ancient Egypt, Daniel in ancient Babylon or Bezalel the inventor. You will notice a pattern of highly knowledgeable and skilled individuals. They served God and mankind with their smarts. The only caution for you as you seek out knowledge, is to retain God in your quest. Romans 1:28 (KJV), “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.”

It is not good for your soul to be without knowledge (Proverbs 19:2). A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Christian tradition teaches that God is the author of all knowledge (omniscience). This is in no way restricted to religious knowledge only. You must instill in your soul the knowledge required to be productive in your world. You must devote time to educating and training your soul. Think about the things you want to do. Consider what kind of education you would need to succeed. Seek advice from godly people. Allow them to point you in the direction of important knowledge. Operate from the realm of knowledge.

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