Invent On Behalf Of The Customer

Love is the greatest. According to 1 Corinthians 13. It outperforms prophecies and knowledge. Love, faith and hope are the three things that will last forever. But love remains the greatest of the three. This is why you must allow love to drive your business. An unselfish love growing out of a deep conviction. A conviction that you should replicate the love and mercy you have received. Greed does not even get a shout out. Greed is detestable. It should not be mentioned amongst us. Let love drive you to go all out, on behalf of your customers.

Amazon became a trillion-dollar corporation by loving its customers. Officially, they call it inventing on behalf of the customer. They have never hidden their desire to become the most customer-focused organization in the world. That is how large organizations are built. By loving your customers so much that you never stop going after new customers. You love your customers enough to continue to grow. When you love your customers, you will want to deliver better products and services. This leads you to invent. Coming up with new ideas to serve them better. The same principle works in every aspect of life. Big churches are driven by love to reach the unsaved. They want to reach more people. They want to serve more people.

Allowing selfishness or greed to be your primary motivation in business is a big mistake. You will not make much money from the venture. Love will fuel your spirit, allowing you to grow and impact more people. More than greed can assist you in making money. Love triumphs over all. You could have made money from your greedy tendencies. But know that love would have inspired you to do more. When you love, you reflect God’s nature. Answers and solutions come to you. You have the training to see beyond the problem. And see how you can improve things. You will invent on behalf of others. Creating things of economic value.

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