The Reality Of Building Big Inventions

It will take you much longer than you are thinking to build those big inventions in your spirit. These refer to big ideas that necessitate new scientific discoveries. Or perhaps a new technological breakthrough. New discoveries and breakthroughs take time. More time than one is willing to even consider. Nevertheless, here are the facts. First, all you have right now is an idea about an idea. Your initial idea is far from being complete or feasible. Your ideas will be refined over time. Second, you do not know enough to build it right now. Third, you do have the resources to do anything about the idea. billionaire Jeff Bezos fulfilled a lifelong dream on July 20, 2021, the 52nd anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic lunar landing. He became an astronaut, flying 66 miles above the Earth aboard his company’s Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. “Best day ever,” he exclaimed as his capsule touched down. “My expectations were high, and they were dramatically exceeded.” Jeff Bezos had fantasized about going to space since he was a child. But he had to wait until he was 57 years old before embarking on the journey. Over the decades, he had to clarify what was possible. And acquire the necessary resources to build a space engineering company.

You will need time, decades to grow into the person that can build out big ideas. You might need to work on other smaller ideas in the beginning. For example, Jeff Bezos built an ecommerce company first. This will allow you to build knowledge and capacity for your grand ideas. You will also require resources and connections to get things done. This is going to take a long time. Just like Jeff Bezos and other visionaries throughout history. You must figure out how to keep your dreams alive. Your dreams are valid. However, everything will take a long time to come together.

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