The Atlas Lions’ Reminder: The Power of Family in Achieving Greatness

Today’s modern world seems to keep the lights on individual achievement. Without any room for family ties. There are not enough considerations for the support systems we need, in order to succeed. In such a hyper capitalist society, everything is for sale. And we just might lose sight of the little things that matter. Family cannot be replaced by commercial services. Regardless of how friendly, the service providers pretend to be. A child will never prefer their nanny’s company to that of their parents. Toys and TV shows cannot replace the need for quality family time. Family is not an inconvenience on the road to success. Family is the support system we need to triumph.

The Atlas Lions of Morocco made quite the impression at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. After becoming the first African team to reach the FIFA World Cup semi-finals. Photos of Moroccan players celebrating their historic victories with their mothers captured the world’s attention. Heart-warming scenes that reinforced the value of family bonds. And the role that parents play in their children’s’ success. The photos also reflect the sacrifices many families have to make due to economic constraints, particularly in the developing world. The team coach, said, “You know, as North Africans, we’re very close to our families, especially our mothers. That’s something only we can understand. Being away from our mothers is always difficult. The loving relationship we have with them is strong and I thought it’d be very important in a competition like the World Cup, that comes around every four years, that they too can experience it with their children”.

You will need the love and warmth from a family. As it is written, “God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home in which to dwell” (Psalms 68:6 AMPC). The cure for your loneliness is a family. If you feel out of place in your world, review your family ties. Who plays the role of a dad or mum in your life? Your parents are not a relic from the past. They are not to be discarded. Talk to your parents more often. Talk to your kids more often. God gave us the family structure for a reason.

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