Focus On Your Output

Your mission requires you to be creative. Creativity gives you what you need to keep going against all odds. Creativity is coming up with new ideas that are useful. Useful ideas that help us to solve problems. It is important for you to understand that creativity is productive. This makes it distinct from imagination. Your imaginations are not always productive, and there is always a chance that your imaginations will go wild. You have to focus your creative power on the results you want, and move towards it. This will help you avoid the trap of “vain imaginations”.

A lot of creative people have very little to show for all their talent. They focus on things that do not have any utility. This wastes valuable time and energy. It is important to acknowledge that the utility of a new idea may not be obvious right away. But, if your heart is in the right place, you will birth ideas that align with your goals. You must get clear on the exact results you want. It is this clarity that governs your talent. And helps you channel all your spiritual and mental faculties towards a definite goal.

Focus on your output. When you have a definite goal. It becomes easy to determine what needs to be done. Then you can brainstorm around how you want to increase your output. Creativity helps you do much more with fewer resources. And your mission will require you to do that more often than you would like. Take a cue from Thomas Edison, one of the most productive geniuses of all times. He promised to turn out “a minor invention every 10 days and a big thing every six months or so.” When you define your output this way, you will focus enough to produce something your world would find useful.

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