Who Needs A Father? (Or Mother?)

It almost seems archaic to discuss the need for marriage before having children these days. There is a growing trend of people who aspire to become single parents. People that feel they can just go out there and get a child. Similar to how one would obtain a dog or a cat as a pet. There is no regard for God and his precepts. It is only a fool that says in their heart, “there is no God.” They lead a corrupted life that breeds more problems in society. Children need both parents in order to grow, and be nurtured into productive members of society.

It is time to take a hard stand against the “baby mama”, and “baby daddy”. These are corrupt knockoffs of the divine office of the wife, and husband respectively. There is a big problem when young people do not aspire towards marriage, and then sex, and then the children. A society that permits and normalizes sex without any need for taking responsibility is in a decline and soon collapses on itself. The Bible is clear about how both parents need to shape a child. The Book of Proverbs talks about wisdom from both parents that should be passed on to children.

We need to remind everyone that children are a gift from God. Children are not property. They are not a commodity. And the natural environment for children is within the confines of a marriage. Women are quick to point to infidelity and domestic abuse as justification for wanting to go it alone. “I want to be a mother, who says I have to be a wife as well?” Well, a child is not a pet dog or doll. Psalms 127:3 (ESV) says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Domestic abuse and infidelity are problems to be solved. But we must never compromise on Bible standards. We will regret it.

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