Creativity Is Better With Planning And Long-term Thinking

Everybody has the potential to be a creator. To give life to a new idea that will be found useful. The same creative ability that makes it possible to write a poem or code a website, also makes it possible to build bridges and tunnels. The major difference between these dimensions of creativity is your approach to creativity, and the amount of knowledge you possess. A lot of creative people work spontaneously. Their creative output depends upon “when the spirit moves”. There is no consistency. And there is no commitment to long-term projects that can really deliver value. Creativity is best planned for and structured. If you approach creativity with structure and long-term planning. Your creative output will surprise you.

Creativity is the highest expression of the Spirit of God. The same creative ability used to create the heavens, the earth and all that exists, is within your spirit. When God created the heavens and the earth, we see the first step was illumination. An illumination around the entire purpose of creation. And each day of creation began with a clear statement of purpose. If you can approach creativity with some discipline and wisdom, you will be unstoppable. You can create a poem in a few hours. You can create a website in a few days. But to create something that will make some major economic impact, you will need the ability to think and plan ahead.

There is nothing you cannot create. You only need to understand that you cannot create massive projects spontaneously. Your creative talent requires discipline and consistency. You will unlock your creative potential with planning and long-term thinking. You should think about how you can create the conditions for your creativity to flourish. Inventors who develop new technologies must devote many years to research. To make the vision a reality, they may need to invent up to a dozen new components. This level of creativity cannot be imagined and realized in a single afternoon. It takes time. For maximum impact, think about what you can create over a ten year period.

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