Getting Superior Results In Wisdom, Creativity And Power

The parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23), teaches us that the same seed can yield different results. The seeds that landed on the good soil did not produce the same thing. Some produced thirty times or sixty times what was sown. Others went as high as producing a hundred times what was sown. The most important factor of production here is the quality of the mind that received the seed. The same idea shared with a dozen people will produce a dozen results. Each result will be different and distinct from the rest. If you want superior results, you have to empower your mind.

Every human being possesses the ability to create. It is a divine deposit from God. But your ability to create is limited by the scope and structure of your mind. The wisdom and power of God is available in a spiritual sense to everyone that seeks it out. The difference in manifestation is due to the quality of the mind. Education and training are tools that aid in mind empowerment. You are only as powerful or as ineffective as the education you receive. The engineer and the doctor both have the same God. The difference in manifestation is due to each person’s education and training. Your spiritual gifts are channeled through the quality of your mind.

Your spiritual gifting cannot manifest beyond what your mind can permit. You cannot produce results beyond what your mind can understand. Someone will say, “Noah did not go to school or get a PhD in ship building technology, but he still built an ark. I can build anything I want with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit”. This mode of thought is nothing more than wishful thinking. It is the mindset responsible for so much mediocrity and lacklustre performance from believers. Miracles should not be oversimplified. You cannot create from a place of ignorance. Knowledge is the fuel for every creative and spiritual pursuit. He who has ears, let him hear.

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