Brothers And Sisters In The Mission

Jesus said a lot of difficult things. He was never one to hold back. In Matthew 12:46-50, someone tells Jesus, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, asking to speak with you”. “Here are my mother and my brothers,” Jesus replies as he extends his hand to his disciples. “For whoever does my heavenly Father’s will is my brother, sister, and mother”. Jesus is been explicit; your real family are the ones committed to the same mission as you have. Nothing is more important than the mission. This is a difficult thing you must learn to accept.

Family is important. Family is wonderful. Jesus does not abolish the family or the need for family. He is pointing out out that you need the right kind of family in order to succeed with your mission. As a watchman, you do well to recall that old proverb; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Jesus did not claim that there was no need for a brother, sister and parents. He rather revealed that he had found some people (his disciples), that fulfilled that role for him.

The Bible calls into question the value of family. As far as the Bible is concerned, God should be at the very center of your life. The place of God is non-negotiable. Family is not something you should serve with all of your heart. It does not belong at the center of your life. You need to look inwards. Is family where you focus the majority of your efforts? Is it your primary focus as you go about your day? Do you ever feel like your family obligations are competing with God’s will? If nurturing a family will result in a distraction from God. Then recall the words of Jesus. Allow those you consider family to be people who are connected with you in God’s work. They should support you in your mission.

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