Embrace The Pain Of Learning and Growth

The experienced Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, his son, in the faith. Admonishing him to teach with great patience and careful instruction. This is because learning is characterized by been slow and painful. There is no easy way to learn a lesson. The pain you feel inside is part of the learning. In fact, without that painful feeling of a loss on the inside, you have not learnt anything. No pain, No gain. This pain is what deters the passionate from seeking growth outside their comfort zones. As a result, you do not sow enough knowledge and discipline into your future.

There is always something good about where you are right now. But good is the enemy of great. And your journey from good to great will be marked by excruciating pain. You must do away with the idea of doing your best. And embrace the far more useful mindset of doing whatever it takes to achieve the result you want. What good is your best, if it is not enough to get the results we want? For the kind of massive success you want. Your job as a watchman tasked with steering your world towards a better future. You must be ready to invest in yourself today. Push yourself beyond mediocrity, and demand the excellence required to perform at the highest levels. You have to embrace pain during the planting season. Be ready to sow in tears, so that you reap with shouts of joy.

No pain, no gain. You must take a clue from Jesus, the originator and perfecter of our faith. Who saw beyond the pain, that there is a joy and glory ahead. It is normal to seek the path of least resistance. Human beings will always seek the least stressful options at all times. However, if you wish to become mighty in your day, you have to go all out. You must never settle, and continue to seek growth. It is like insisting that with a Junior School Leaving Certificate (Basic Education Certificate) you can function in society. You are not wrong, but research has shown a correlation between your level of education and the impact you can have on your world. Getting an advanced degree is painful, but necessary.

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