How To Stay Hungry and Foolish

“Stay hungry, stay foolish,” was one of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes. It was also a motto that followed him through life. A hungry person continues to seek out a fulfilling meal. A foolish person continues to seek out knowledge and wisdom. While this is a great quote, it is hard to practice. A hungry person soon finds satisfaction in something. A foolish person soon claims mastery over something. The only way to remain hungry and foolish is to embrace a mission. Your life should centre around a mission. A mission centered life will humble you. As long as you remain committed to a mission, you will remain hungry and foolish.

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his obsession with his mission. A mission to make the world more open and connected. His company controls some of the biggest communication platforms in the world. That is the reason he is one of the wealthiest people on the planet. If his main motivation was to make money, he would have stalled long ago. These guys don’t work for money. They are on a mission. Mark Zuckerberg continues to look for new technologies to help in his mission. That is why he transitioned from desktop to mobile, and now building out the “metaverse”. That is what it means to stay hungry and foolish.

A man on a mission is always hungry for more success. And the way to get more results is to continue to seek fresh knowledge. It is hard to remain motivated by making money in the long run. Human beings are wired to find meaning and purpose. Without this sense of purpose, we are conflicted inside. You must embrace your mission as a watchman. Your mission will force you to continue to grow. There are fires to be extinguished and mountains to be moved for the greater good. This is the key to a rich and meaningful life.

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