Uproot, Eliminate and Create

Your role as a watchman tasked with steering your world towards where God wants, requires you to be creative. You should not just focus on the things you want to uproot, destroy or eliminate from your world. You also have to consider the things you need to create, plant and nurture. It starts with picking one clear problem you want to solve. Some research will help you understand the problem better. You want to get clear on root causes. The root causes must be eliminated. Then you can focus on the things you need to create.

The modern world is full of distractions. It takes the strongest of wills to focus. If you want to come up with a brilliant idea that is impactful, you must maintain a consistent focus on what is important. As you think about the problem you want to solve, you will see where things have gone wrong. You will also see what you need to create. Your energy will always follow your attention. If your attention is divided, your energy will be divided as well. And you will lose your ability to impact. Can you concentrate enough to uproot the ideas holding back your world?

The problems you want to solve are more complicated than what appears on the surface. That is why passion is important. Without a strong desire for results, nothing gets done. Control your ability to uproot and eliminate problems by training yourself to focus for the long-term. Your passion and desire to get results will sustain you. As you work to eliminate the problem, you also consider what you must create to fill the space. Given sufficient time and resources, you can solve any problem. And create something new to fill the space.

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