The Truth Will Make You Free

When your loyalty is to the truth, nothing but the truth. You experience a different kind of freedom. The kind of freedom that comes with the knowledge of the true state of things. And a contentment with the outcomes. John 8:32 (ESV) says, “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. If you want real freedom, you must be bound to the truth. Therefore, you must seek out the truth at all times. No matter the situation, you must prefer the truth to your emotional comfort. When you align with the truth, the forces of the universe will work for you. Everything the God of Truth created aligns with the truth. And you suffer when you go against it. 

Whatever you do, never build a web of lies around yourself. It might be comforting and empowering to you in the short-term. But you are soon going to get into serious trouble when the lies fade away. If you build your world-view on lies and self-deceit, you cannot win. If you desire freedom, bind yourself to truth. The truth will set you free from sin, failure, your appetites and the cruelty of people. You can never lose if the truth is settled in your heart. The truth will build strength and substance in your spirit. There is no mission you cannot complete if you make truth your ally. 

The Universe was set fair by the God of Truth. Creation and the forces of nature will not bend to allow your falsehood. It is your job to maintain the correct perspective about your life and mission at all times. You need an honest evaluation at every step of the journey. If you are unable to be truthful with yourself. Be honest enough to set a watchman over your soul. You need feedback from the real world without any emotional contamination. Once you make the truth your ally, you will enjoy greater momentum as you go about your mission. 

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