The Economy Does Not Respond To Emotions

Emotional sentiments are a disadvantage in matters of business and economic growth. Your living conditions will not improve just because you cried about it. Neither tears nor laughter can change your condition. The key to a positive economic turnaround begins with seeking the true state of things. You must be ready to operate without sentiment. And think long-term. The economy improves when productivity increases. You must be able to move away from areas of lower productivity to areas of higher productivity. You can steer your world towards a prosperous future.

It is dangerous to play politics with economic matters. Politicians can play word games and try to twist the English language anyway they see fit. This could trigger a positive emotion from the people. But as long as it isn’t true. One is postponing the inevitable. For example, despite the release of government data showing a contraction for the second consecutive quarter. A traditional benchmark for a recession. U.S. President Joe Biden and members of his administration were called out by experts and the press for avoiding the “R word” — recession — to describe the country’s economy.

It is irresponsible for politicians to prey on gullible citizens by ignoring the truth. They choose emotional sentiments over truth and logic. This is the reason many Africans, like Nigerians for example, believe their country is a rich country. And with the right leadership, they will be swimming in wealth. When in reality, their country is a poor, mismanaged and underdeveloped country. If you want a more prosperous future for yourself and your world. You must choose the truth over emotions. When you embrace the truth about your economic situation. The God of truth will shine a light upon your heart. When you build a bubble of lies around yourself, you will attract darkness.

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