Work For The Relationships You Want

There is a clear path towards having good relationships. It is about making a commitment to ensure the relationship works. Nothing happens in a relationship or marriage without someone making a commitment to making things work. A great relationship or marriage requires work (Just like any venture worth your time). There will be sacrificial demands on both sides. And you will not always have it your own way. You have to make sure that you have a strong, compelling reason for wanting this relationship. Maybe you need the mentorship. Or you know there will be opportunities for growth and abundance in the future. Without such reasons, you might never justify the time, energy and resources required for this.

This is not in any way a means to accept a high maintenance relationship. Working towards making your relationships and marriage work should not be a trap. There is a difference between slaving out for nothing, and two parties going out of their way to support each other. It is a red flag when one party wants to be the sun that everything revolves around. Avoid dealing with people that are insensitive to the needs of others. You can love them with the love of God, but you want them at an arm’s length. You cannot justify the energy requirements of high maintenance relationships.

A proper understanding of biblical principles will educate you that relationships and marriage help us achieve more. One purpose for marriage is to create a spiritual, emotional and physical fortress that helps each person to achieve more. The benefits of a good marriage are often produced over a long period of time. You cannot rush the process. You help yourself by maintaining a proper perspective at all times. God brought you together with these people because he wants a certain outcome. The purpose of a relationship or marriage might not be clear for the first ten years of the relationship. So, you must embrace a long-term view of relationships in your life. And commit to make them work.

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