Pick A Date And Get Started

The best way to get started with your work is to take a look at the calendar, and pick a date. A specific date you will get started. A date you will go public with your work. It can be a date in the future. However, if it is too far out in the future, you want to be sure you are not stalling. It is always easy to hide your fears by postponing your commencement date into the far future. With no intention of ever making the date. You must decide on the simplest form of your idea and commit to get started within three to six months.

As it is written, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven”. There is a time to pray, study and clarify your plans. And there is another season of life where you must move on from planning to implementation. Matters of life and destiny come with a sense of complexity. The scale of the changes you want to bring to your world can be intimidating. Half of the time, you doubt yourself. The other half of the time, you cannot even agree upon the exact course of action. The solution is to look for simplest and easiest thing you can commit to doing right now. Then do it.

You must act with faith and get started. Everything changes the moment you get started. You will gain velocity. Momentum will build up around your work. As you keep things going, refusing to stop under any condition. You will discover that your mission is underway in full effect. As long as you have some clarity around the exact changes you want. You can start something around your mission. At the very least, you should write and publish essays around the things that interest you. Follow-up with live events. The writings and events will attract like minded people to you. You can then move on to larger projects.


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