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If you consider yourself to be creative, and possess an incredible imagination. Then you will be able to relate with something Nikola Tesla penned down in his autobiography. For he explained that at some point in his life, “I thought and planned, and conceived many ideas almost as a rule delusive. The vision was clear enough but the knowledge of principles was very limited”. Without the knowledge of the principles, your creative spirit is handicapped, and unable to find expressions in the real world. This is the sole reason why your visions of flying cars, talking teddy bears, and billion-dollar companies are yet to become a reality. You are ignorant of the principles required to create them.

Your ideas are useless if you lack the intellectual framework required to build them out in the real world. Without a proper education, you cannot explore your creativity in a deep way. Santiago Calatrava is an excellent example of someone that is able to express his creative vision in great detail. This is because he is the rare artist who also equipped his spirit with engineering knowledge. Early in life, he discovered a book about the architecture of Le Corbusier, which persuaded him that he could be both an artist and an architect. As he began to design buildings, he realized he needed to acquire engineering knowledge, and so, he got a second degree in civil engineering. He evolved and became an artist, architect and engineer. This all added up to grant him the necessary powers required to conceive and build very unique structures.

Knowledge is the fuel for creativity. You cannot create from a place of ignorance, that is not how it works. You need to master the principles of your domain. There might be a need to master more than a single domain. For Santiago Calatrava, he could only build out his creations in the real world after he equipped his artistic mind with architectural and engineering principles. The Almighty God is all-creating because he is all-knowing. When you have deep knowledge about how things work, you will be able to tear apart and recombine as you want. Without this kind of knowledge, your visions of a better world will trouble you with no clear path to fulfilment and achievement.

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