Leadership and Governance Will Maximise Your Potential

There is nothing but frustration and vexation of spirit without visionary leadership, and strong governance. You cannot train yourself, you cannot bring out the best in yourself. You will need an external source of validation, and motivation, especially in the early years of your evolution. Leadership brings vision and perspective to the table. Governance empowers you to take charge of your own affairs by providing a fair and equitable platform for you to operate from. There is no other relationship as important as your leadership. Your leaders place a limit on how high you can aim in life.

The same talent and potential will achieve different levels of success depending on the leadership and governance provided. We can see this when we compare King Saul’s army, and King David’s army. King Saul produced a generation of men that were terrified of Goliath (1 Samuel 17:11). David on the other hand, did not only emerge victorious over Goliath, he also led a generation of giant-killers (2 Samuel 21:15-22). This gives you an idea of how different your life could be if you found better leadership, and institutional governance. Like Jonathan, son of Shimei, David’s brother, you might need to switch your leader for a more visionary one.

You have to be careful of the kind of leadership and institution you submit yourself to. Without good governance in the institutions you have submitted to, you will find yourself at the bottom of a pyramid scheme. Leadership should bring out the best in you. Governance should empower you to do your best possible by giving you a platform. If you do not find both, please, do not settle. Some institutions provide visionary leadership, but there is poor governance. Leadership without good governance will evolve into a tyranny over time. With everybody working for the betterment of the person at the top of the chain. You need visionary leadership to maximise your potential. And strong governance to empower you for the long term. You must commit to finding both.

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