Save Your Time And Energy By Modelling Super Successful People

It is a blessing to be human; so much raw power and potential. With the capacity to become anything you want, the problem is finding out what you should be doing. You have unlimited potential, but you are limited by your time and energy. Your time is short. Your energy is limited. You will not always have the energy of the youth. You cannot try out every idea, every creed, every philosophy, every business or every discipline in the world. It is your duty to find out the best of what others have already figured out, and model that into your own life.

You model people when you use them as an example to imitate. You pattern yourself after them. The goal is to copy and mimic them as you journey through life. Without such guidance and a framework to work with, becoming successful is more difficult. For example, anyone that desires to be successful would realize that education plays a great role. You are more likely to succeed by getting an education than without one. You reach this conclusion because every mover and shaker of the world was educated. So, when someone claims that education is not important to accomplish great things, you can refute that claim by reminding everyone that your models are educated. And you desire to become like them.

The strength, power and enthusiasm of the youth should not be wasted on the folly often associated with youth. You want to find guidelines, ethics, or ideas that represent the most efficient or prudent course of action guaranteed to take you closer to your goals. Therefore, you want to look for at least 3 to 6 people that represent the kind of future you dream about. You can then use them as a model to order your own life. You have to study and dig deep, learning all you can about them. Read about their praises and criticisms. Their highs and lows. Study their failures and successes. You want to know their story so well, that when faced with a similar situation, you would know exactly what to do.

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