Model The Success You Want

It is always safe to make the assumption that people want to be successful. That someday, you will like to look back, reflect upon your life and feel that you have been successful. However, there is a problem with defining what should be evaluated as a success or not. This is because success is not objective. Success will be defined by each individual, and this is where the problem lies. A lot of people think they are working towards becoming successful, but in reality, they have not even defined what success means to them. The best way to solve this problem is by modelling the successful lives of others.

When people fail to hit their goals and lead a successful life. It is not because they are lazy or lack the necessary intelligence required to succeed. It is always because they did not have a proper estimation of the task at hand. You are consciously trying to succeed, but unconsciously, the goal is not clear. Modelling the lives of successful people will help you clarify your own thoughts. You might not be able to articulate what you want in your life, but when you see it or hear about it, it will resonate with your heart.

So, you want to look for at least 3 to 6 people that represent the kind of future you dream about and use them as a model to order your own life. Prophet Daniel read the works of Prophet Jeremiah. There is a reason Christians are taught to study biblical characters that resonate with their heart. Thomas Edison studied the life of Michael Faraday. Michael Faraday’s life was shaped by the books of Isaac Watts. It does not matter how talented you think you are, you will need something external to stimulate your talents. You should pick up the habit to study biographies, interviews and books about great people that resonate with your heart. You can not copy their lifestyle play-by-play, but you will see possibilities.

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